Terms of Use

Banned Content: Banned content is site wide and are not limited to posts. By illegal content we mean images, videos and links of or included illegal content, we do not mean discussing these content, but we have groups for a reason, if you post in a group and a user does not like the content we can remove it from the public feed but you can still discuss it with your followers, admitting to a criminal act is NOT included in this and will have your content removed. Images/Videos: if you are posting images for your content then please post them within groups, posting naked adults is fine within groups and posting nudists photos are also fine but posting a image of a child's sexual parts what are not apart of some kind of nudets camp or beach WILL be remove, as one is a freedom lifestyle one is child porn, posting any image what could be damaging to yourself, the site and the user in the image will be removed, doing it more then once might have your account removed. Avatar & Cover: if your Avatar or cover is of illegal content what is not legal to be shown in image format, we wont warn you we will just delete the images back to stock, if you don't get this message you will then be removed from the site. Writen: What you right within your groups are up to your group and your groups content, but if you are admiting to a crime or telling people how to commit a crime we will have to remove that post to protect your own stupid actions and also protect the readers, part from this we don't limit your freedom of speech within your groups, doing it more then once might have your account removed. Links: As most countries deem linking to illegal content also illegal we are unable to support any links to sites that are deemed as hosting illegal content we are sorry but anyone posting links like this will have there content deleted, doing it more then once might have your account removed. We are all here to be free, attacking users not matter what there content post was shouldn't mean you can attack them, report the content if it's braking the site rules and move on, anyone attacking a user will be sinbined, we don't take anyones freedoms lightly and attacking someone is braking someones freedoms, there for you agreed by posting that attack that you don't want your own freedoms..We are here for freedom of speech and a place to be safe with whom we are, we are not here to be sold items we don't need and in many cases put us in danger with the law, these posts will be removed without warning, if this has to happen more then a few times your account will also be reported.From time to time we might have to remove content that could damage our site, you have to remember this site is accessed on tor and the clean web, some clean website content can slow down tor and some tor content shouldn't ever be near the clean web, if content is taken down for this reason we will PM you about this problem so you understand it's a site related remove.